Non Reverb amps

Non reverb amp full schematic (click to enlarge)

Non reverb amp pcb layout (click to enlarge)

Reverb Amps

Reverb amp full schematic (click to enlarge)

Reverb amp pcb layout (click to enlarge)

Reverb amp extra pcb layout (click to enlarge)

All Amps

Roost Amps Master Component List - reverb and non reverb amps covered (click to view)

The Reverb and non-Reverb amps are actually very similar, the main difference is that V2a is used, along with an extra valve, V5, on a separate small pcb. The feed and return are taken from around the master volume control. The schematic and layout apply to the 50, 100 and 150W amps, the only apparent difference being the number of output valves used.

Thank you to the people who have contributed time and effort helping make this happen, everyone who sent photographs and info, and to Andy for putting this site up. I should point out that the schematic for the reverb amps has been assembled from a variety of sources, at great personal effort - I don't have one of these amps. Anyone who thinks they've spotted an error, please, put a nice clear, polite, post on the message board, your input will be welcome. Rude people will be booked an appointment with dodgy Steve the bank robber. Which will not be nice for them. (Special arrangements will be made for those in East Sussex - won't they Harry?)

Harry's Original Factory Schematic

Original factory pre-amp schematic (click to enlarge)

From Terry Bateman - one of the original Roost Crew!

Tag Drawing (click to enlarge)

Many thanks to Terry Bateman for providing the photo of this extremely rare original (tag board) layout drawing of the early Roost amp's. The layout is for the 50, 100, 150 Watt amps, the drawing does not show the o/p valve layout which is the same for all three amps.